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Mil Mi-24A Hind-B

Hersteller: Nemeth Designs , Hersteller Artikel-Nr.: 14119

Mil Mi-24A Download
SFr. 18.60



Mil Mi-24A Hind B

FSX - FSX SE und P3D V4


Artikelnr.:   14119
Publisher:   Nemeth Designs
Sprache:   Englisch


Neue Version P3D V4 !

The Mi-24 (NATO designation Hind) is one of the most widely-known assault helicopter gunships in the world, and remains in service with at least 50 air arms. The Mi-24 was developed from the Mi-8 multirole transport helicopter and was first flown in V-24 prototype form in 1969. The definitive initial production variant was the Mi-24D Hind-D. This introduced heavily-armored, stepped cockpits ant an undernose gun turret. This gunship has a crew of three and can carry up to 8 fully-equipped troops.
The Mi-24A was the second production model of the "Hind" series helicopters. The Mi-24A (Hind-B) entered Soviet Air Force service in 1972 and have been exported to a few countries before it underwent a cockpit redesign that resulted the destinctive look it is most famous for. It's capable of 310km/h in high-speed cruise, 750 km maximum flight distance and 12,500 kg maximum takeoff weight.
This addon represents the "Mi-24A Hind B" variant.


Support for Prepar3Dv4, FSX Steam Edition and FSX with Acceleration Expansion Pack
Detailed exterior and interior models
Realistic system implementation and visuals
Hundreds of custom animations on the exterior and interior models
Night cockpit lighting
Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit
3D animated instruments
Next gen glass and rain effects (P3D only)
Three authentic liveries
Based on original blueprints, documentations
PDF manual